The Road to Las Mulas – South America Day 4

After a bit of a messy night, everyone stumbled out of their rooms all in bits and pieces. Megan and I were relatively put together, but many of our crew had been out partying with the locals until 6:00am.

Warren was locked up in his room in a nearly catatonic state, but we got him out. Jorge, our host and guide, had his bag stolen on the street without anyone noticing, but cool as a clam he got us on our way to the bus station. The rest of us were in varying levels of hungover and tired as we piled onto the bus for a five hour ride south to the town of Linares. Continue reading “The Road to Las Mulas – South America Day 4”


More Valparaíso and back to Santiago – South America Day 3

In the morning we had a quick bite and then set off to find a bank or ATM down near the ocean as we had run dry after our pricey (but worth it) dinner from the night prior.

We took a slightly different route than we had yesterday and in the silence and calm of the morning found even more artwork and architecture to see. There was nobody else out in Cerro Alegre this early in the morning, which made us feel like the only people awake. It was weird but very cool at the same time to feel like the whole city was there just for us. Continue reading “More Valparaíso and back to Santiago – South America Day 3”

Valparaiso! – South America Day 2

If your going to Val-para-isooooo

Be sure to bring good shoes to walk up all the hills…

That’s my awful attempt at saying that Valparaiso is basically Chile’s San Fransisco. It is a seaside city sprawling up the hillside in all directions–a cascade of rainbow coloured buildings wedged together on twisting cobblestone streets.

We stayed in the popular tourist area called Cerro Alegre / Concepción, where people are encouraged to explore the winding side streets and hills while hunting for impressive street art and graffiti, searching for the perfect cappuccino or tasting various bits and bites of empanadas, churros and ice cream. Continue reading “Valparaiso! – South America Day 2”

Santiago de Chile – South America Day 1

After 26 hours of planes and sitting in airports, including 10 hours of attempted sleeping and running around Pearson to get to our gate, after our Toronto flight being cancelled and panicking about our luggage vanishing without a trace… We made it! We landed in Santiago de Chile, found our luggage and hopped on a cab for town.

Santiago is a huge city nestled up against the Andes, there are skyscrapers spread across the the skyline and old colonial buildings are squished between new construction and shanty huts. Broadleaf trees and palms are mixed together in parks which are inserted all around the city. Our hostel was across the street from one such park, Forestall, where there was a contemporary Art museum, cafes and empanada stands. Locals were lounging in the shade on their breaks and dogs were running free looking for food and friends. Continue reading “Santiago de Chile – South America Day 1”