2015 and Album Covers

2015 has been a pretty phenomenal year for entertainment and media overall, including numerous fantastic records across a wide range of genres. Kendrick Lamar kicked off the year and critical indie darlings like The Decemberists, Tame Impala and EL VY have all re-invented their proverbial wheels to great success. The Dear Hunter has blasted back onto the scene with Act IV, a tour de force of progressive, melodic rock and Talib Kweli has been having one of the greatest creative years in his career with not just one but THREE quality releases thus far (two of which were freely distributed through his #KweliClub website)!

Being so spoiled for choice makes it hard to decide what to listen to, but you won’t hear complaints from me! Continue reading

As Comics and Television Collide!

We’re now at least a month into all of the great comic book TV series this season and we now have a rough idea of each show’s trajectory. Specifically, I want to talk about The FlashArrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (and eventually The Walking Dead when I catch up). I intend to catch up with Supergirl at some point, but to be honest I’m not overly enthusiastic about it and Gotham season one was so awful that I can’t bring myself to try it again.

Spoilers are most definitely ahead, so proceed with caution! Continue reading

New Chance the Rapper track for your Tuesday mornaaaang

Chance drops a new track called Angels featuring Saba and The Social Experiment.

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I paid $6.55 for a comic book and I am FURIOUS about it.


DOCTOR STRANGE #1 (2015) and proof of how god damn much it cost.

Marvel’s Doctor Strange #1 written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Chris Bachalo launched a couple weeks ago, but my issue was on back order. This week I stopped by my local comic shop and found it had arrived. “Great!” I though to myself, I had been quite excited for this new Marvel title, something I say less and less these days. Continue reading

Ten Dollar Trade: Southern Bastards by Jason Aaron and Jason Latour


Come for the ribs, stay for the beat down.

Comics can be expensive. Sometimes being a comics enthusiast feels more like having a habit rather than a hobby. Thankfully, some of the best publishers in the business know this and ensure they give some fantastic entry offerings to their readers. It is becoming a common practice from many indies to offer first volume trades (a trade or trade paperback is a collection of usually 4-6 issues from an ongoing comic series) for the discounted price of $9.99, but that doesn’t guarantee a quality read. That’s where I come in! Below is a spoiler-free, in-depth overview of one such trade so you can assess whether or not it will be worth your time and money.

This week I read Southern Bastards written by Jason Aaron with art by Jason Latour. This volume 1, subtitled Here Was a Man, collects Southern Bastards issues #1 through #4 inclusive which were originally published by Image Comics in 2014. Continue reading

AXCEND #1 Review: Round One, Fight!

The 90’s were an interesting time to be a kid. All pop media in that decade, be it cartoons, comics, action figures or video games all took on a cohesive style that was heavily influenced by the slow trickle of Japanese culture into the west. Image comics in particular was well known for their overly sexualized character art, featuring out of proportion macho dudes and busty ladies clad (or scantily clad) in ridiculous, colourful armour, wielding hilariously over-sized weaponry and decked head to toe in belts and satchels. Good examples include Rob Liefeld’s Youngbloods or Jim Lee’s WildC.A.T.s (shown below).


Jim Lee’s WildC.A.T.s, take note of the belts. The many, many belts. And breasts…Much breasts.

The air waves were stock full of superhero teams both cartoon and live action. Power Rangers, Beetleborgs, Street Sharks, Gargoyles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Mummies Alive and countless other examples who took and ran with the concept of punchy and spunky hero teams being bros (and bro-ettes) and fighting baddies. Video games slapped adverbs like “hyper”, “super”, “mega” and “ultra” to their game titles, and the fantasy heroes and jumping plumbers of yesteryear became robot hunters and supersonic forest critters. Continue reading

More Free Stuff From #Kweliclub!

roy g biv front

A new free album from #Kweliclub and Talib Kweli

Roy G. Biv: What a Colourful World – Get it, braaaaah!

“Imagine a group of the most inquisitive, adventurous, fun-loving and intelligent people you’d ever want to meet. Add in huge doses of talent, ambition and the passion to travel the world in search of new experiences. What you end up with is the beautiful sonic experience that is ROYGBIV: What A Colorful World.”- Talib Kweli

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