Ten Dollar Trade: Black Science by Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera


From BLACK SCIENCE #1 by Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera

Comics can be expensive. Sometimes being a comics enthusiast feels more like having a habit rather than a hobby. Thankfully, some of the best publishers in the business know this and ensure they give some fantastic entry offerings to their readers. It is becoming a common practice from many indies to offer first volume trades (a trade or trade paperback is a collection of usually 4-6 issues from an ongoing comic series) for the discounted price of $9.99, but that doesn’t guarantee a quality read. That’s where I come in! Below is a spoiler-free, in-depth overview of one such trade so you can assess whether or not it will be worth your time and money.

This week I read Black Science written by Rick Remender, drawn by Matteo Scalera and coloured brilliantly by Dean White. This volume 1, subtitled How to Fall Forever, collects Black Science issues #1 through #6 inclusive which were originally published by Image Comics in 2014. Continue reading

StrwbrryMomnts… Knowhtmsayn??

Boredom struck and I made a real great discovery!


So, so smooth.

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Once Upon a Time in the Marvel Universe… Venom was Galactus!

It has come to my attention (thanks /u/bakhesh on reddit) that Venom once took Galactus as it’s host…

Ultimate cosmic vengeance!

“We are mad now, Spider!”

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Chance The Rapper Keeps on Giving – Newish Mixtape and New Track

August has been good to us, the faithful. With Surf still basically hot off the presses, Chance has given us some more freebies in the form of a mixtape with Lil B and a laid back new track called Israel (Sparring) featuring Noname Gypsy. Continue reading

Feeling Nostalgic – Replaying Red Dead Redemption


Red Dead Redemption from Rockstar San Diego

Remember Red Dead Redemption? The other, other Rockstar game? Grand Theft Auto with cowboys and horses?

Of course you do, Red Dead Redemption kicked ass… right?  Continue reading

Monday Mix-Tape #4

.Wav Theory by Towkio

.Wav Theory by Towkio is gnarly for a couple of reasons. The tone is incredible, and the auditory consistency that is maintained, somehow without ever getting stale, is spacey and digital; this mix sounds almost more Electronic than Hip-Hop in some ways. The other stand out feature is the guest spots, with stellar appearances from Vic Mensa and Donnie Trumpet, as well as a handful of prominent verses from Chance, my man.

Towkio himself is adequate to good. He contrasts well when throwing back and forth with the featured rappers, but he does immediately fade into the background without the highlight of the supporting talent, usually overtaken by the beat. I don’t mean to
say he is a bad rapper, far from it. Towkio, at least to me, seems to lack distinction. He is technically adept and has a smart style of delivery, but he doesn’t have the same flair or dynamism of the best contemporary MCs.

Despite that, I still support that .Wav Theory is great. Its exploratory and has an extremely entrancing musical vibe. The beginning and end tracks work wonderfully to open and close the tape with some pizazz and the guest features are bang on. I recommend listening right through from start to finish to really capture what this mix-tape can deliver, then pick out your favourites afterwards.

Dig on it at HotNewHipHop.


Beware My Power! It’s Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Season 1 Episode 7 – Dawn of the Dead Man!

Sourced from the TVDB.com

Planet of the dogs? Not really sure what the hell was happening in the opening, but Batman fought a bunch of wolf people in a post-apocalypse aided by He-Man and Scruff McGruff… apparently. Either way it was cool. Some good action sequences.

PLAY THE HORNS! (I love the title sequence)

Ehhh… I get the cheesiness is the shtick, and I’m totally cool with plot device, but this episode was a little too offensive on the stupidity side of things. Batman’s in London fighting Gentlemen Ghost and ends up buried. He is able to become a ghost somehow–I must’ve missed the explanation–and seeks to find a way to free his body from its burial so he can return to life.

I’m on board I guess, keep going.

So Batman meets Deadman who shows him how to posses bodies. Thankfully Green Arrow and Speedy are in London as well, so Batman posses Speedy and convinces Green Arrow that it is Batman from beyond the grave. So the Arrows go to dig Batman up, and Batman and Deadman go after Gentleman Ghost, as ghosts.

I… OK, sure.

Then Batman and Gentleman Ghost get in a fist fight, a ghost fist fight. Deadman is there too, also ghost fist fighting. I kinda lost interest by that point, though I will say the very final scene of the episode was neat. Felt like 4 or 5 different writers worked on one episode this time. Ah well.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series Season 1 Episode 1 – Beware My Power (Part 1)

Sourced from TheTVDB.com


This takes me right back to Geoff Johns early Green Lantern work–silly, exciting, adventurous and explosive! The Red Lanterns are on the prowl killing lone Green Lanterns in an area we later learn is called “frontier space”, the very edge of Guardian Space.

Hal is called to Oa for separate reasons, to stand trial for something foolish he did prior to the episode; off camera we’ll call it. However, a recently killed lantern’s ring arrives in time to derail the trial. Ganthet the Guardian convinces Hal to steal a baller prototype jet (that can apparently jump hundreds of billions of light years in minutes) to travel to frontier space and investigate, against the will of the rest of the Guardian council.

This leads to action, and effects and awesome. The decision to go with 3D modelling over traditional animation is perfect for this series, which takes on a look not all too different from Pixar’s The Incredibles.

But man, oh man I loved this. Brings me back to pre New 52… those were good times.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series Season 1 Episode 2 – Beware My Power (Part 2)

Sourced from TheTVDB.com

Yea, this show is great.

After sending the Reds blasting off agaaaaaaain, the GLs are reporting back to the Guardians. The Guardians are reprimanding Hal, while Kilowog tries to defuse the situation and explain the encounter with the Red Lanterns. The lead Guardian is feigning disbelief when Hal is distracted by a Red Lantern drone ship. Hal does his usual brash move and damages the warp core of the ship, trapping himself, Kilowog and the frontier GL named Rev.

Unable to return to Oa, they seek refuge on Rev’s home planet. Unsurprisingly a homing beacon was placed on their ship by the Reds. So Atrocitous and his giant world ship thing (which was completely insane) show up and some arse whoopin’ gets lain on the GLs. Unfortunately, Atrocitous was a bit of a let down. He is crazy and evil, but not crazy and evil enough. His new look isn’t nearly as terrifying or disgusting as it is in the comics either, but I can guess why. He still makes a great villain and his new digs, the giant ship I mentioned, is freaking sweet.

The ending isn’t so much an ending, more so a promise that this story has more to come. This is an early sign that this show will either rely heavily on a strong recurring plot thread or multi-episode arcs. I personally hope for the later, similar to the Justice League animated series, because it keeps the pace up and the setting fresh by introducing new villains and new plots through lots of small story arcs. Fingers crossed!