Humble Bundle Alert!


A bundle for the ages! Or more accurately, 14 days!

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Monday Munch #4

shonenSo, it turns out that there is indeed an English language version of Weekly Shonen Jump (a.k.a. THE manga anthology series) and the subscription is dirt cheap.  Continue reading

Movie Rant: I watched the new(ish) Godzilla and it was boring.

I watched Godzilla (the new one). It was a movie.

Godzilla (2014) wishes it was this cool.

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Monday Morning Munch #4

A bit of music this time, specifically Nakamarra by Hiatus Kaiyote (my new obsession). This is the official music video, but if you dig around YouTube a bit you can find the version that has a verse by Q-Tip (of A Tribe Called Quest fame) which is superior in my opinion.  Continue reading

Movie Rant: Age of Ultron – There may be no strings, but there are plenty of threads

Some spoilers lay ahead, those who aren’t brave enough to navigate stormy seas be warned!

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Harbinger Wars is coming to the big screen!

I’m elated to hear Valiant’s recent news regarding their plans for the silver screen. They are coming right out the gate with a five movie plan that will culminate in a cross-over from straight out of the comics: Harbinger Wars.

It’s pretty clear Sony has been struggling to get a horse in the race of the connected movie universe war going on. Marvel’s MCU has been wildly successful, Fox’s X-Men has taken many course correcting steps of late and Warner Bros. is preparing to unleash Batman and Superman in a year from now. Sony, meanwhile, has failed in its plans to reboot Spider-Man and has surrendered at least partial control of the property back to Marvel. But by the grace of the gods, Sony has been granted a gold mine… lets just hope they don’t cock it up.  Continue reading

Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2015 Day Three

Yeesh, sometimes life sure gets in the way of stuff. This may be a week late, but it’s still here!

I jumped to it early on day 3, I had planned on making the 11:00am panel with Richard Starkings, but of course got side-tracked almost immediately. I stopped by the Valiant booth one last time to say hello and double check that I did indeed pickup every available book. I then went into the back halls where some of the signings were and found Stephen Amell’s signing booth and the accompanying “line”…  Continue reading