Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo Day Two

Again, wishing I had a better camera. Check all the radical Zelda merch!!

Day 2 was a success. A GREAT success. I brought a monster pile of New 52 and Marvel NOW! comics that I had built up over the past year or two and found a vendor who actually wanted them, and with that my spending for the day was funded!  Continue reading

Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2015 Day One

This weekend is going to kick so much ass. Here’s my day 1 swag…  Continue reading

Dynamite Mega Bundle (is Mega Awesome)

Ever wanted 200+ comics for $6? Wish granted.  Continue reading

Monday Morning Munch #3

What could be more appropriate for a Monday Morning Munch that Monsters? Disappointing Monsters does not, in fact, disappoint as its title would have you believe. I very recently started digging on this web comic when I stumbled into a Kickstarter the creators have thrown together to get a new print version of the comic in the hands of readers. Continue reading

[Over-Review] Xeodrifter for Nintendo 3DS

I recently picked up Xeodrifter, by developer Renegade Kid, for 3DS. It was on sale for a mere five bones and I knew it was a Metroidvania style title, and therefore I had to buy it (I’m sure there is some sort of decision matrix that forced my hand.)  Continue reading

Ad Scrapbook #1

From the back cover of Alpha Flight #1 (John Byrne, August 1983) here we have an ad for the Intellivision Frogger cart!

Back cover ad for Frogger from Alpha Flight #1 (1983)

If this doesn’t scream nostalgia, what does?  Continue reading

De La Soul’s NEW ALBUM (on Kickstarter?!)

De La Soul (via Kickastarter Page -

De La Soul (via Kickastarter Page –

Eclectic jazz-rap masters Del La Soul are making a new album and are releasing it through Kickstarter, which in less than a single 24 hours has already rocketed to 200% of their goal. But why are such well regarded musicians going through crowd-funding means? Surely there is a record company out there that would be quite happy to release the first legit Del La Soul LP in over 10 years.  Continue reading